i just realized a few months ago a scale i made up for finger exercise has 8 notes. I never really intended to play with it, i just used it for exercise, but my fingers have done it so many times and are so quick with it, i love just randomly soloing with it, but it makes me wonder. Should a scale note have 8 notes? Most common scales have 7 or 5 or blues has 6. but so far i ahvent heard of more than that.

as for the scale, its just a very simple, pattern on the e string it would be

E, F, G, G#, A#,B, C#, D, E basicly two frets no fret two frets no fret. the scale works very wellbecause four the top 4 strings it stays on the same frets and has 3 notes per string index and pinky on every string and alternates your ring and middle for every other string.

so exercise good. playing bad?
i think its called an octotonic scale, but im not sure coz ive forgotton pretty much all of my theory
You, my friend, have independently discovered the half-whole diminished scale. It has some uses in music, and it's good for riffs. Listen to the song "Plug in Baby" by Muse, I'm pretty sure that for the most part uses it with some chromatics. If I'm not mistaken (I probably am) "The Small Print" and the heavy part from "Hypermusic" both also by Muse use it as well. Matt Bellamy loves it.

Also if you want, try the normal diminished scale, which alternates WHWH etc instead of HWHW. Think of it as what you already have starting on the second note. Still has 8 notes, and is a bit more common. Has a really exotic vibe about it.