i av a ibanez icx220dx
esp ax-50 emg
line 6 spier 3 75(i no not the best but for the limited money i had at the time was the best choice for power)
inheritance is coming and gettin an evh 5150 so amp wise all gd

ow do i stop that horrible noise. when on distortion(high gain) theres this horrible crackle buzz noise that wont go away plus when playin speed muted theres a horrible scratchy sound that is very annoying and dulls the sound.

now i agree the amp is partly to blame and i no its not my playing i also heard about a rocktron guitar silencer to stop all this crap from happening but i cant get 1 in the uk so its kinda hard. i play hard/heavy/death metal.
ie pantera dying fetus six feet under metallica anthrax symphony x style and when playing especially loud theres a horrible cracle buzz sound instead of the crunch.
please help its annoying.
if you dont like the sound turn off the amp you idiot....
mine does that too stop worrying
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