which one
i play bass,,, Jesus pwns ur face,,,

originally posted by garret:
The name sucks, you might as well call yourself "we take it up the a**"
Street Fighter.

Where's poll

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mortal kombat FINISH HIM!
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street fighter you stupid assholes..
that's not even a valid question...
mortal kombat was popular because it's gory.
it's all about ryu and ken tournaments. : D
Mortal Kombat. Kung Lao could kill anybody from Street Fighter

Shaolin Monks is the greates game in the history of Jesus.
If your wiener is happy, then you're happy.
never played shaolin monks. but ryu will kick all their asses : D
SF was just a lot smoother than mortal kombat too.
Better move system.
Anyone remember killer instinct?