foe... most definitely
i play bass,,, Jesus pwns ur face,,,

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The name sucks, you might as well call yourself "we take it up the a**"
Glowsticks=friend in cave
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i am stupid enuff to do it becuz i just did. i feel nothing, there is no high and im not dizzy or anything... its just nasty.

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hmm... friend

well only if your on acid.

And I mean a sh*t load of acid. Like enough LSD to kill an elephant ( )
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I had a glow in the dark foe...but then he died of radiation posioning.
On the way to god don't know
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dood glowsticks are awessome! you break them open, mix them with water and then put them in super-soakers and raid the next-door camp!
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Shut. Up.

I've been in the Pit for 5 ****ing minutes and I'm already sick of your spam. ****ing *reported*.
Who dat?