Ok, I hate to have to do this. And I looked at the stickies and searched the forums for information and looked up reviews on the internet and all that stuff but I still would like some more input so: Which acoustic electric guitar would you recommend for around $700 or less?

I really want a Taylor, but it's going to be a present (I get to pick it out). And I don't know if they'll go for the Taylor 214e for about $850. If I can get this guitar, I will because the review in the sticky was good, I've heard only good things about Taylors, and the one I played in the store was very nice.

I was also looking at an Ibanez AW130FMECEVV. It seemed pretty nice for the price, about $530. It has Grover tuners, Fishman electronics, and it's solid top. I only played it for a little bit so I would have to take a closer look at it. But from what I've read, Ibanez acoustics aren't very good?
EDIT: Here is a link to the specs and a pic of this guitar... http://ibanez.com/acoustic/guitar.aspx?m=AW130FMECEVV

And I haven't really looked at any of the new Martins, but would I be able to get a decent one in this price range?

Please keep in mind: I play mostly singer-songwriter stuff and I will be using this guitar for gigging and recording.

Also, I'm used to playing an early 80's Martin D-35 acoustic, so will the step down into this price range be noticeable?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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That's a pretty nice guitar... i'm not a fan of the shape (personal preference) but other than that i think its a gorgeous guitar to get. i like my taylor, but its an 814, and i haven't really played with the 200 series much so i couldn't give ya any advice to that. so i'll stick to saying the artwood is a perdy nice lookin' one!
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Wow, lucky you! That's a nice guitar. The 214 should be the same shape as your 814 only yours has a cutaway and this one doesn't. It definitely looks better with a cutaway though.
Ive played the 214e.

I was really suprised with how nice it sounded.

And it was good plugged in.

Ive never played that Ibanez though...
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As much as some people say Ibanez's are good acoustics i still think that most of them just look nice and there is better value for money. Try get the Taylor I reckon
Thanks for the help guys. I got my new guitar yesterday, a Taylor 210e. It's beautiful and I love it.
congrats on your new guitar!

i was just curious as to why you don't want to play the 80s D-35 anymore.