I'm about to buy a new amp, does anyone own a Line 6 Spider III Amp? Are they any good?? I want to spend like $400 on an amp and I want it loud enough for some small clubs. THANKS
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what kind of music do you play and will you go used?
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Spiders are bad news. A tube amp will both A) sound better, and B) sound much louder for the wattage. A 15 watt will most likely be good for small clubs, or maybe 30 watts tube if you'd like more headroom.
I have only played them (Line 6 Spider) in music stores so I have very limited experience with them. After about 15 minutes I decided they aren't that great. I know that a tube amp will sound much better. Get a used tube amp or check out the Peavey Valveking 50 watt 112 combo. Only $429 and sounds great. If you have to go solid state then try a Peavey Transtube combo. They are the closest sounding to tube I have ever heard.
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^Yup, currently I have the Peavey Transtube 112 (going to change after I'm done working this summer ).. It sounds more tube than any other SS amp I've heard, and it's not too expensive. I'd go with that if you really don't want to buy a used tube amp..

Icky. I wouldn't go with either. If you're not willing to go used (which is definitely the way to be going - you'll be able to get something really nice even if it is slightly beaten up).
TS, what styles of music do you play?
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