I just want to know if someone have ever saw or heard something about those guitars. The first one is a Concord and the other one is a Stage and is just like a strat. The Concord has only one single coil pickup and is, I think, from the 60's. If someone have info about these, please post.
Good evening.
I had acquired a Stage cs-327 'Arlington Texas,' still I know nothing about this guitar except it's very old, realy vintage, from early 80's, the body is about 20-22 (oak and maple mouted with tree resin, not glue) fretssolid an shows some wrinklings on the paint caused by the time.
Flexible and of soft grip, the timber is simply wonderful. Antique floating bridge whith two pivots, effect like a Floyd Rose but the upper tones direction (I have pics and can send it by e-mail).
The neck is maple (a perfection) with a 'pin screw' for adjusts accessed by the back and scrolls for the strings like old Fender´s.
The guitar is out-series, none iscriptions at the three pick-ups, but caption is perfect, something like 'hot noiseless.' Other parts are like Fender Stratocaster. It is very very well preserved and the timber is simply wonderfull.

I read something about 250 prototipe units made around 84-86 using the parts of fender Squire, I think mine is one of that.
After that 5000 units made in series, but with some little diferencies like wood and some parts like not using the rolling pass for the strings 1-4.

Could someone give me some more information about this jewel?

So, send to lordeivo@ibest.com.br and I return detailed pics.

Thanks very much,
Ivo Azevedo - São Paulo - Brasil