i have a fender strat loaded with dimarzio EVO's, but i got in a car accident with it in the car and the neck broke. i put aot of money into the guitar and i would like another neck for it, if anyone has a strat neck that they would consider selling(fender or Squier idc as long as it fits) i would like to kno.
check ebay. you can get a great deal on a licensed fender neck for under 100 bucks. for about 30-50 more you can get fender spec necks with ebony boards and abolone dots. that way you wouldn't be putting your strat to shame with a poorly made squire neck

note* i dont sell necks.
ill check it out, but im kinda tight on money right now cuz im getting the car fixed and stuff. but i can't live without that guitar and i wanna get a neck as soon as possible.