I'm going to be getting an acoustic for my birthday (october) but i wanted to make sure that my parents got me a good one. i have been playing electric guitar for 4 years so i know what im doing. i have an acoustic but it's broken. it was a really nice alvarez acoustic electric but when i found it, it was already broken so... yea. i was just looking for someone who knew a little more about acoustics more than me. for a little background, i dont play concerts anymore so i dont need anything of the utmost quality... BUT i do record songs so i would prefer if it sounded nice and loud without having to plug it in. i would like it to be a cutout but i dont need it. color doesnt matter. i would just like to see if any of you guys know of a good brand er something. anything helps --angel
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i have no clue how much money my parents are willing to play. i would have to say... no more than 600.