I made a Whamola. But I need a string, so how long can I a get a bass string.
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i'm not sure what the longest standard sizes sold in stores are, but i'm sure if you need you could get some custom made
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Why don't you buy an upright string? Uprights are 42" scaled.
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Why don't you buy an upright string? Uprights are 42" scaled.

Brilliant! Thanks alot. Completely forgot about uprights.
As said before definitely go with some upright strings. Also as long as the whamola is complete would you mind posting some pics? I am thinking about building one this summer and I am curious about the design of yours.
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yeah dude, post some pics, cuz it'd be cool to make one.
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If I can find a camera I will. It's serious not that hard to make. Me and My friend were talking about it for like two weeks and decided that it was totally do able so I did it.