this is a parody of i want candy, please dont give me a lecture that im not being
Original becouse im not trying to be in this song, its just a bit of fun

I saw a nice girl walking down the street
In her high heel boots she looked so sweet
I hit her on the head and put her in my car
From the way she looked she wasn’t going very far

I killed candy
I killed candy
I killed candy
I killed candy

Went to work without a frown
Made sure her arms and legs where bound
In my basement she was cornered
A little calf sent to the slaughter


Called me a creep then yelled louder
I cut her arms and she did cower
Though society would think me slime
They may find her body with time


Bashed her head with a brick
Not once did I think it sick
What a sweet deceased little hottie
Had my way with her bloody body
HAHAHAHHAHAHAHSAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA your a murder XD hahahahahahahah oh and your lyrics....the orginal sucked......and ...i hope u kno were i going rite