I'm a beginner in the electric guitar scene and i'm thinkign of the type of pedal i should get. I play along to mostly linkin park, the used, muse and some bon jovi, creed, redjumpsuit apparatus, yeah basically a whole range of other sounds too.

SO i'm thinking of Boss's Metal Zone, Digitech's Grunge or Death Metal. Or does anyone have a better suggestion? I'm going with more of the sounds of LP though...
I'm wanting more of those single effects pedals though. ANd besides my amp has quite a few effects, just very limiteted rage for each of them. Thanks for the comments everyone Anymore?
distortion pedals tend to not work well with modeling amps.
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distortion pedals tend to not work well with modeling amps


If it's got a bypass mode then it might be ok, but if there's only a modelled clean channel then it's not going to be great...and they don't work at all with the distorted models. You're honestly better off saving money and putting towards a new amp.
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Well, there is a clean channel where all effects and stuff are cut off. Will that work?