I was looking at the randy rhoads flying v's from Jackson and really want to get one. The one I was looking at was the polka dotted rx10d, check it out at http://www.zzounds.com/item--JAC2901400. I had a few questions: 1) From the reviews I read, it seems that the pickups are pretty much ****, so I was looking at pickups and found the emg p80 and p85's. Are those good pickups for metal? If not, what are? 2) I've never done more to my guitar than change the strings. Would I, a noob at working on guitars, be able to install the pickups myself or am I better off to take it to the music store? 3) There is only 1 volume control and 0 tone controls. Is there any way to shove another volume control, 1 for each pickup, and maybe tone controls onto it while I'm working on the pickups? 4) Would it be more worth it to just save up and get an rr1 (best model in the line) that already has all that jazz and then some (but costs like $1500 more)? Wow if you read that whole thing I feel really special .
If I were you, I would save the money to get the rr1, just because when (if) you get the rx10d you will always wonder how the rr1, and still want it even if you do change everything on the rx10d...just my 2 cents.
ESP Edwards RV. $1049 on eBay, way better than the rx10d. Maybe not quite as good as the RR1, but it has 2 active EMG pickups and 24 frets.
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yea unless the RR1 is just way to high for your budget or to save for, get it, ive played one at GC it was wonderful
1) im not sure what those emg p80 and 85's do, but try the rr24, you might like that.
2) if you know how to solder, it wont take much time to figure out, but you might want to take it to a proffesional if you aren't confident of your skills.
3) i dont think thats possible, maybe wrng tho
4) get the rr24, unless you dont like floyd roses.
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The RR3 is great, take a look

1) If you are talking about the 81/85 set, ye, they're awseome for metal
2) Depends if you have the right equipment (i don't now the name of the machine ), but emg are a little more complicated to install, i think.
3) I don't now, honestly :/
4) The RR1 it's "The RR guitar". It's made in U.S.A., very high material quality , etc.. If you can save, you can't go wrong, but if not, the RR3 it´s also good, and the RR5 is even better than the RR3.