Ok so....My xbox 360 no longer wants to connect to the internet anymore and its really pissing me off cause I have NO idea wtf happened!!

my 360 is plugged into my computer with an ethernet cable and my computer connects to my router downstairs wirelessly so my 360 can get internet...this has been working fine for months doing online gaming but now..

it doesn't work anymore and the only thing I can think of is in my network settings!! its something between my 360 and my computer...cause when I run the test connection test in the 360 dashboard it fails to get an IP address everytime! and my computer gets internet perfectly..

my router does this sometimes, i just unplug it, let it sit for while, then plug it back in. im not computer smart so i lets that not be my halp places
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i had the same problem with my 360 you have to go into your network settings and reset the ip address. i dont completely remember how to do it but its something like that.
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If you are connecting wirelesszly I'm guessing a new wireless device has movbed into the home. Perhaps a laptop or something. Your router will assign a different IP for every device. This is assuming you have a dynamic ISP. What you wanna do in that case is set up a static ip[ address. www.potforward.com has instructions on how to do so. Once you have your static IP address plug that into your 360 internet settings and you should be good to go.
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