I don't plan to actually make this a complete song, i was just trying to write a decent acoustic bit and have an interesting chorus with strings...i know the transitions aren't great haha, but it's just a rough version and it'll probably stay that way
that was sweet man, really enjoyed that. theyre were some parts in the acoustic that bugged me cos there was maybe too much going on. but the rest was great. as you say the transitions are rough but i loved the intro solo and the main distortion riffs were simple but powerful, i really enjoyed it. i suggest you finish it man, also i dont think that dude was asking to take the distortion part he was just saying cut it out.. but dont cos it was great.

mind having a look at mine?


the intro was really good with the ambience and the guitar layering and the octaving at the end of the intro was good too. im not much of a fan of the heavier part because its not my style but the solo was good and well put together. i also liked how the strings gave it a full, atmoshperic sound. overall a 8/10
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