Do you shredders use picking technique called rest strokes when downpicking? Rest stroke is like when you pick downwards and you rest your pick on the next string. Is this good or bad if you wanna pick very fast with alternate picking? thanks
Not for alt picking. For sweep picking your pick should 'fall' onto the next string to create a fluid movement.
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yeah with alt picking you dont want to stop the motion unless you have to
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yeah it's not good for alternate picking, it's just wasted movement. you have to go farther to pick a string which takes longer (milliseconds but they count when fast), but according to paul gilbert on the GOOMY dvd, he likes having to pick farther which in return makes him pick harder which again in return makes whatever he's playing stand out and be heavier. he loves the heavy rock.

but yeah rest stroke is bad for very fast alternate picking.

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