I've been shopping around for a good 335-like semi hollowbody, and after playing the Epiphone alleykat, and the Ibanez Artcore as73 at my local shop, im a bit torn.

The Epiphone is almost $300 more than the Ibanez, but to me they seem to play pretty similar. As far as sound goes, i'd probably be putting my own pickups in anyways.

Is there any reason the Epiphone is so much more? Is it built better, or just has a better reputation.. Or is the Ibanez just as good, but a better value.

To put it simply, im looking for something that wont fall apart on me.
I had the epiphone dot and i didnt like it after a while, i played a artcore while i was at work expericence at a music shop, and i mean i played it everyday it was so nice!

Ibanez FTW
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I have the Epiphone Alleykat but I dont know much about the Artcore. I saw the artcore at the same shop but I never looked at it. I like my Alleykat, Ive travelled with it oversea, and havent at a problem yet. The stock pickups are fine, I might change them one day. I also suprsingly find as a quite versatile guitar as far as what music I can use it for, but I got it for jazz.
The Epiphone costs more for pretty much the same reason why Gibsons cost so much; people know Epiphone is part of the Gibson brand, and they're starting to realise that generally, Epiphone aren't quite as bad as everyone once thought. This, and also more and more professional musicians and bands are using Epiphone guitars (especially acoustics, but some electrics too), so, prices for any Epiphone guitars have risen over the last couple of years. A friend of mine bought an Epi Les Paul Standard a while back, and with the rise in prices, he actually got more money when he traded it in, then it cost him to buy the thing in the first place.

In terms of sheer quality, the Epi, to be fair, probably is going to be slightly, slightly better off-the-shelf. However if you're planning on changing the pickups anyway, I'd suggest you buy the Ibanez, and use that money you save on getting some really nice pickups for it. You'll end up saving some cash, and have a superior sounding instrument.
IM kinda leaning toward the Ibanez.. Are there any other brands that make 335-style guitars that i should consider?
I have owned the AS73 for a year. The quality is top notch. It is beautiful. The neck is slim and accurate. The pickups are not as hot as the Epiphone Dot (I tried three) but sound better as they age. I don't know about the Alleykat. The Ibanez is easily worth twice as much as the price (maybe even three times.)
Being an Epiphone fan, I still must say.

The artcore I played at my local Guitar Center was amazing. A wine red AS75T.. amazing. The only thing I don't like about the Artcore you're looking at is the double cutaway, but that's just all opinion.
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I bought an Ibanez Artcore Custom AF105NT not so long ago. I compared it thoroughly to the other brands available (most brands, really) but not one could touch it for the money.

I imagine the one you're looking at would be the same thing. I for one am really impressed by the quality of the Artcore series whereas I wasn't impressed at all with the Epiphone semi-hollow and hollowbodies.
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