I'm beginning to look at colleges since I'll be going in a little over a year now and it seems that there are quite a few colleges that have great degrees with jazz guitar. I, however, don't play jazz, but I'd like to. I've been playing for almost 4 years now and I can play fairly well, I practice quite a bit but I need a place to start on learning some basic jazz stuff, so any suggestions on different scales to play or songs to learn are greatly appreciated, thanks.
well, I know quite a bit of theory actually, I took music classes all through elementary school and I was in band (orchestra) for 5 years and I play a few other instruments as well, I know the theory part, it's just sometime applying it that can be tricky for me. But are there certain scales and whatnot that are the standard "jazz scales" so to speak. I already have too many theory books anyway
There are a bunch of approaches to jazz, namely modal (so know your modes), arpeggiating (know...notes? I assume you do haha) and then there's a few pure "feel" approaches to improvising jazz.

It would be good to learn the Bebop scale, and then every scale you can possibly get your hands on. Jazz is all about diversity.
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ok, so arpeggios are good for jazz, well, they're good for everything.... but yeah, that's helpful. So, pretty much just play around for a few weeks or so and eventually get a feel for how jazz is played. I think I can probably manage that. Thanks
When learning to improvise DO NOT use modes as your first choice, here's a lesson that will give the you the basic approach to jazz improv. *Lesson by Jake Hanlon of the University of North Texas*

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sweet, a jazz theory book, I'll definitely have to look that one up. And that lesson looks quite extensive as well, thanks for that as well. Has anyone ever taken jazz in college? I mean, what exactly do the classes consist of anyway?