Im wanting to fit a Bigsby B5 trem to my Epiphone SG G400, just wondering if anyone out here has any tips on where to buy (uk) etc

Also I see on the Bigsby site that it fits the Gibson standard SG, but im trying to think of all possible cockups before hand, so you guys reckon itll be fine with an epiphone standard (in a normal world it should right?).

Any help is greatly appreciated guys.


Bigsby's require you to modify your guitar, by drilling holes to mount the trem unit. Which is good because it allows a Bigsby to be installed on anything, but bad because you get holes in your guitar. StewMac sells every different Bigsby model there is, so go there for parts.

However, if I may, I have an alternative suggestion, try out a Les Trem unit, also available from StewMac. I was in your shoes, looking at a Bigsby, but then I realized I didn't want holes in my guitar, and I found the Les Trem. Works great for what it is, requires no modifications, although a roller bridge and locking tuners are gonna be required if you wanna get extreme with the trem.
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^ No, Stewmac sells three different models. If you go onto the Bigsby website, you will see that there are many more models.

Les Trem units tend to have mediocre tuning stability.
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I'd recommend the Bigsby from personal experience, it will work just fine on your guitar, and I also recommend you buy from ebay, it's where the best prices are and it's where I got mine, if you can afford it get the B5 as opposed to the B50 which are lower quality and made in Asia.

In terms of drilling holes, it's just an epi, you don't need to worry about resale value. There will be about half of the hole from your tailpiece showing after you get it installed, but it's not very noticeable and the luthier should fill it with something, if your guitar is black it will be all but invisible even up close.

You could also consider the B7, here's a pic of it on an SG, this is not common, and is the only pic I've seen, but it's possible, and I think it looks so nice:

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Fantastic stuff.

Thanks guys, youve helped me a whole bunch here.