ive been trying to learn pinch harmonics lately and i know im getting the movement right because i can hear the harmonic, but its barely the desired tone. ive been reading it has alot to do with the pickups and amp you have. so is there any good settings to practice this on? i had gain turned all the way up ( thats the only distortion control i have) and it barely does anything.
make sure your treble pickups are active
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You also have to find the sweet spot on your guitar, I usually play them above the middle pickup
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i'm not perfect at my pinch harmonics but i know a bit about them, and the tone of the harmonic that you produce depends also where you strike the string. try picking higher up or lower down to change the tone of the sound. hope this helps
well, pinch harmonics are more desireibly done with a high gain set up, most amps do have gain/or distortion on them, although if yours doesn't have enough to push it over the cliff you may want to invest in a distortion pedal?
practice makes perfect! gain is the most important setting, make sure you got plenty of distortion.
Pinch harmonics are all about practice ... also the sound/pitch depends on where you are playing on the string.

The easiest to play and easiest pinch harmonic to hear is when you are right in the middle of the string.

i.e. You know the easiest natural harmonic to play is at the 12th fret ... (the 12th fret is the middle of the string) ... well the easiest pinch harmonic to play is when you are pinching at the middle of the string. Try fretting at 7 then try to play a pinch harmonic halfway along the string ... i found this a good way to practice getting the pinch everytime. Once i could do this i then moved onto getting pinch harmonics elsewhere on the string.

Don't know whether this is any help but I thought it might be useful!