A part of nothing else matters that confuses the hell out of me


Apparently = means "Staccato" i looked on the wiki and I haven't got a clue how i'm supposed to play this. How the hell can I spread my fingers from fret 2 to fret 5 like that AND while missing out the D string at the same time? It's impossible
its not that hard man? i don't even like metallica, but hey you should stick at it and just practice until you get it
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I use fingers to pick, that isnt the problem. Whats that staccato thing all about? An Its impossible to put 2 fingers on fret 5 at B and G then put a finger on 2nd fret on A string, i'm a tall person with big hands but they aren't that flexible!
use your 3rd and 4th fingers on the G & B and use your first for the A string its alot easier that way. People tend to forget they have 4 fingers to play with!
Head like a stone, stoned like a rock.

^you could play the 7th fret on the Low E instead of "nd fret on A i guess too if thats easier
Head like a stone, stoned like a rock.