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Our school has a talent show every year. This year some of my friends and I are looking to enter, but we are having a hard time choosing a song that we would like to play and is appropriate in a school setting. We came up with a list of songs that we would like to do but we are open to suggestions.

Lucretia - Megadeth
Aces High - Iron Maiden
Run to the Hills - Iron Maiden
The Ocean - Led Zeppelin
Hallowed be thy Name - Iron Maiden
Holy Wars / Punishment Due - Megadeth
Trust - Megadeth
Kissing the Shadows - Children of Bodom
Sanitarium - Metallica
Ride the Lightning - Metallica
Paranoid - Ozzy

We would really like to do a Children of Bodom song but most of them are not a appropriate in a school setting. We really can't really get away with anything either because our school checks the songs before hand and at the talent show they make you play though a mixer so if you do anything that isn't planned they can cut you off. So suggestions would be welcome and maybe later once I have a bigger list I'll put up a poll.
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I say Run To The Hills

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I'd go for Holy Wars - assuming you're up to the challenge.
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Um, a good song to play in school would be...

Hot for Teacher! I'd love to see the reactions on their faces! Or Smokin' in the Boys' Room.

But off of the list... I rather like Run to the Hills. It's a great song, and it has some historical content. Forgot exactly what, but I know it has to do with a massacre of Native Americans. Not to glorify their death, but about their fear and stuff, and the humanity (or lack thereof) of it.
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One of my friends suggested hot for teacher but there aren't any hot teachers in our school and they would never let us play it.

Suggestions are welcome too.
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All Along The Watchtower,Voodo Chile
I dont know about the drummer but Id do that

Rocket Queen,Sweet Child...Cheap Sunglasses,Mr. Crowley,Perry Mason

Where Eagles Dare,Something BLS

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Off of that list, I would choose Run to the Hills.

But definately consider some Motley Crue dude, alot of their stuff would go down awesome in any setting.
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Quote by n0m0ret3ars
"The Trooper" or "Fade to Black" \../ ('>') \../

as much as I and the other memebers of this band would love to play those we have to appeal to the school censorship nazis

so pretty much if it has any swearing (even though we are all highschoolers who have been going to public school all our careers)

apperntly it isnt as bad as before (where you couldn't even wear a tool shirt since they sang about bad stuff)
but you still can't wear a hooters shirt,Budwiser shirt or shirts with vuglar sayings on them.
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Smoking in the Boys Room would be good... but off the list Holy Wars if you can do it well.
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kickstart my heart by motley crue woulld be good I'd have to edit a few of the words but still. maybe welcome to the jungle by GNR.
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Ace of Spades by Motorhead would be a good choice. It's well known and an awesome song. If you r gonna use one from your list, go with Holy Wars. Also maybe the Trooper by Iron Maiden or Gears of War by Megadeth
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kissing the shadows if you can pull off the solo?

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Hallowed be thy name, but do another Maiden song as well, like Fear of the Dark, or Afraid to Shoot Strangers.
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the ocean.......zeppelin is classic and ur teachers will enjoy it cuz tht was wat kids were into wen THEY were kids.....defently THE OCEAN.....and tht song kicks ass too

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run to the hills
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Paranoid would be cool at a talent show.
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I'm going to say something here, I don't mean to offend saying this, but you won't get anywhere with your list of songs. Trust me, we had a band at our school play at an annual assembly where bands get about 20 mins to play school appropriate songs. They played songs such as the ones you suggested, I believe their setlist was For Whom the Bell Tolls, Sweating Bullets, and Paranoid. When they played they had a grand total of about 10 people at all interested, they were pretty tight musically, its just that those songs are not very popular, at least not to a majority of high-school aged kids.

Your better bets are more classic rock/80's tunes, anything that is really fun, and not serious is really what you need to play.

You've got to focus on big hitter type of songs, most anything by AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, and Aerosmith will get a good reception. GNR, Van Halen, later Motley Crue, Nickelback (probably not your style), Creed (again...), work well.

I'd stay away from most Ozzy tunes, Crazy Train and Bark at the Moon go well, but the rest isn't so well recieved, some Black Album stuff may go over well, but most Metallica is out, Megadeth, other than No More Mr. Nice Guy, won't go over so great.

Children of the Bodom is going to get about as good of a reception as Charles Manson with a 12-guage.

Most people just don't really respond to heavy music.

A good set-list (in my opinion) would be

You Really Got Me Now -Van Halen
Thunderstruck -AC/DC
Next 2 You -Buckcherry
Rock 'N Roll -Led Zeppelin
Sweet Emotion/Dream On/Walk This Way -Aerosmith (you choose)
Cat Scratch Fever -Ted Nugent
Ballroom Blitz -Sweet (or Krokus, your choice)
No More Mr. Nice Guy -Megadeth (actually Alice Cooper, but...)
School's Out -Alice Cooper

Lotsa songs, but I think that set-list would be perfect for 90% of the places you could possibly play, and should nail a school audience pretty well.
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do sanitarium, most people there aren't probly into thrash metal and satarium is easy listening for most of it. I think you will get the most posotice reponse from that song.
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Play a popular song from guitar hero... no joke, I was playing the intro to One the other day and my sister instantly recognized it.
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Oh my god, TS's songs would be awesome. You don't need any suggestions.

Kissing The Shadows? Could you pull that off? Also, someone suggested Holy Wars, that'd be good.

Edit: Actually, AngusX is right. As much as I and other metalheads would love all of those, it's not gonna get you anywhere with most audience. Do more school friendly stuff. For a slow song you could do A Tout Le Monde if you want.
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I think AngusX was pretty much right, but then Sublime nailed it. Anything from GH. As much as I hate that game, because people think it's better than a real guitar, highschoolers will instantly recognize and/or love them.
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Quote by Sonicxlover

Kissing The Shadows? Could you pull that off?

is that possible? i think no boundaries by MAB is somehow easier!

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