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i just started my tele project. im using one solid chunk of mahogany, 2 humbuckers, 2 vol., 2 tone, no pickguard, les paul style 2 way switch maybe, and probly gold hardwAre. can someone tell me what im gonna need as far as electronics ( wht kind of wire, a site for a wiring diagram, and i think thats it.) ill post pics as i get started. i need to go to my uncles to cut the wood. heres my template just cut it out of cardboard last night.

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Upload pictures with Image Shack or under support then wiring diagrams and under the humbucker section find your setup. Small bear electronics has lots of good parts I hear.
Got it for you
i just went up to the music shop and $50 later i now have 2 a500k pots, 2 b500k pots, and a jack. problem dont know if a or b is linear or audio help please!
A=Volume B=Tone, if my memory serves!

EDIT: I hope they are Alpha or CTS for that price!!!
anyone else just to make sure mark_wuk i htink your right but just making sure and my music store is kinda a rip but you gotta do what you gotta do.
just ripd off the barcode and under it on the package with the b500k it says 4570L so im pretty sure thats the linear ones.
I'd check if I was you - I've had a hard day in work, so my brain could well be shot!
I assume you are in the states?? I think people use 24 gauge? I'm not sure though - I usually just buy the cloth covered stuff that you can buy from most guitar places, there's no particular reason for it, I just like it.
well ill try the oak for the nek if somthing happens ill just get a new neck. i still need some wire. i found 16g but nothing higher
by the way does that template look like a tele? i had to draw it myself i think its good but i need some other say in it
are agile pickups any good? i need a set of humbuckers but dont wanna spend a ton so im thinking agile or the seymore duncan blues set
gfs pickups are considered good for their price. you can find them at
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When you crank up the gain to 10 and switch to the lead channel, it actually sounds like you are unjustifiably bombing an innocent foreign land.

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im going with an h-h setup. do i have to have a cap for the tone pots and where would i get one?
i got some wire but the music store owner wasnt in and his wife didnt know what caps are so i couldnt get any.
got the body cut. not routed yet. need one more bucker, some tuners, and a fret board.

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