Ok how would I add a high/mid tone switch as seen in the first diagram to the 2nd diagram?
Is this how I would do it?

You can't be posting that diagram in here - didn't you read the bit that said permission refused??
It's a copyright image - you can't be posting peoples protected works here - it could well cause the site a world of trouble...
Actually that spdt mod pic I posted was originally posted in the wah mod thread for me, then someone posted it for you now I am using it again.
Alright, see that .005 microfarad cap on the circuit board in the last diagram? It's labeled C1. What you need to do is solder one side of a .01 microfarad cap into the same hole as C1, then solder the other side to an SPST switch. Solder the other lug on the switch to the hole just to the left of the top side of C1, and wollah!
No, that way you're switching between two caps with an SPDT. In the schematic, you're switching another cap in parallel to get more total capacitance, equal to .015 microfarads.
Sorry I cant understnad what your saying? Could you give me a pic/diagram?

Or I could use the diagram I poster before but use a 0.005 and a 0.015 cap right?
See my edit^^^

Make diagram in paint, save on desktop, go to image shack, browse image, upload, paste url here.
Yeah, you could switch between a .005 cap and a .015, but that's not how it's done on the schematic. Here's how the schematic shows it:
Yeah, either one's fine. I'm not sure if .015 is a normal value, but if you can get it you can do whatever you like.
Actually I ordered a 15 for my wah. Smallbear has them.

It says I need a 10K log pot. Would this work?
^ Then yeah, you can do either one of them.

The pot you've got there is linear taper- it'll work, but it'll be sorta wierd. You'll get most of the control of the volume in the last bit of the pot's rotation. Go for an audio taper pot, they're the same as log.
Funny link there coke....

What caps would you use from smallbear?

How about these for the non polarized ??? link
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Those are electrolytic capacitors, under electrolytic caps. Use either axial or radial, they're the same. The difference is where the leads are- radial has them both on one side, axial has one on either side.

I think that's the right way round, anyway.