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A quick question:

I was debating for the past few months which to buy, Peavey Classic 30 or Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, now I'm almost closed on the HRD because I don't like the Peavey's cleans and it's alittle too bright and pitchy for my ears while HRD has a great sound and feel on the cleans, though less on the distortion.

The question is:

Is the HRD's distortion something that can't be fixed by a pedal?
I would also like to get some nice high gain or distortion sounds, not asking for the top of the list, but nice ones at least!

And how does the HRD accept pedals in general?

Thanks in advance,


I've got a Fender Hot Rod Deville, and it's pretty similar to the Deluxe, and although it's overdrive isn't the greatest, I really like it. I play a Big Muff with it, and it sounds pretty good, but beware: most distortion pedals I've tried with it don't sound that good. Most seem to turn out tinny and weak, a notable mention being the Boss DS-1, which I usually really like, just not with my Deville.
Try a Visual Sounds Jekyll & Hyde or a Vox Bulldog for your distorted sounds. It works for Nick Valensi.
What about a Tube Screamer, will it be able to give me good high gain sounds?
Another question:

Why is this forum this active and no one answers my question? is it because no one has advice for this specific or what?
The thread dies after an hour or so and the forum is very active, so why don't I get any replies...?
On Harmony-Central I know that I'd get like 10 posts in 5 minutes, I thought I'd give this forum another shot though...
Buy the Fender. If nothing else it will retain a higher resell value. In my opinion it will also sound better.

The clean channel on the Deluxe is nice, the dirty sucks. It's the same with the Deville. Using a pedal will produce a nice distorted tone.
i have a HRD, i play almost 100% on the clean channel, that's what i bought it for.

it's true that the dirty channel isn't great, if i feel a dirty urge then i use a pedal, either a boss metal zone or a dod supra distortion, either gives a nice fuzzy tone with good sustain as long as you don't overdo the distortion.
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