Great, so. Us 3, out of the about 80 people who read this thread, agree lol.

Maybe they're shy ><

Anyways, there IS a point I want this thread. Theres a beginner thread, listing the tabs people think are easy. Ok great, that covers EASY. Theres still semi-easy, medium, semi-medium, hard, semi-hard, and wtf is this even a song. Theres a ton of tabs out there. To have people who already know how to play the song tell us "Oh, yeah, perfect for an intermediate" is extremely helpful. Also allows us to explore new genres by learning songs that we can actually play.

Does this make sense to everyone now?
...anyone? Bueller?
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If not an intermediate tabs list, then at least an ability to filter the top 100 tabs by difficulty or something like that.
yep i agree....
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im in agreement
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