okay i bought the guitar from Guitar Center. and when i go there the first place i go is the used section cause that where the treasure guitars from the 80's are... and there it was... one of the old charvels.. so i bought it cause it was sweet. but i can't find any info on it anywhere. so here are the details.....

cursive charvel logo, maple neck, ssh pickup style, floyd rose tremolo, 1 volume 1 tone, 5 way switching, if u take the neck off in the neck slot it says like sh-4 or s-4, and the neckplate on the back has the guitar charvel logo and it says "by jackson/charvel right under it, and the serial number is 347966. thanks guys

i can post pics if someone could tell me how
post pics, it'd be alot easier.

Go to www.imageshack.us and click browse and click the picture you want. pic the code that starts with ""... You'll know when you get there.

oh and btw, code doesn't work in the titles. lol.
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