holy crap, i was looking for an ibanez rg and i found this,
if the link isnt there its the brownsville is700, and im probably going to buy it next time my local samash gets some in(they only have lefty's, they should know left handed people dont play guitar!(jk)) i mean, whether or not the pickups are nice its designed how the rg's have thier pick config, Hum-single-hum. and i can replace them, and its maple top(with basswood, not the best but whatever ill manage) and the ibanez rg's that cost 350 have basswood bodies as well, what im wondering, is since i dont think the neck will be nice and fast, what can i do to make it play better?(other than my gallon of polish a week)my last guitar had a really fast neck i got off a jackson, so i'd really like another fast neck, so let me know, and what does scalloping the frets do?

EDIT:forgot the link
You may want to use some LIGHT sanding on the neck, with a fine grit sandpaper. Scalloping the frets also takes wood off the fingerboard. It's quite hard to explain, you might want to google it. It gives the guitar a much different feel that some prefer.
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There is nothing wrong with basswood. It is cheaper wood, so it doesn't have the snob appeal. I have a 1995 MIJ HSS Floyd Rose Stratocaster. It sustains forever. The tonal balance for basswood is between alder and mahogany. It is a softer wood and the grain is not very interesting. With a good paint it looks just like any other wood.
For the Gibson sound you can get a decent piece of mahogany for your price range. The ESP looks like it might be ok. I would encourage you to play the hell out of it before buying. That Licensed Floyd Rose trem might not be good quality.
yeah thats true, just because its floyd rose doesn't mean its nice, didn't think of that, basswood sounds better then alder? wow i really didnt think so....thanks for the input
Didn't say it sounds better. Just different. Mahogany is darker and more mid-rangey. Alder is a little brighter. They all sound good depending on what sound you want. The only wood to avoid is probably agathis (think cedar or pine.) Use the basswood as a bargaining chip to get the store to lower the price. "I really like this guitar, I just don't want to pay this much for basswood."
haha, very good, i rarely ever go to samash, does anybody think i could actually go in and get them to knock a few bucks off the price? cuz they are pretty big and thats like going in walmart and saying, this toilet paper is recycled it says 5 bucks but ill give you 4, in other words i dont know if theyll accept it