alright UG i was thinking ealier last week that i should get a Fender Champion 600 reissue for just playing at church but i was talking to my dad and he told me that i should sell my FM212R and use the money from that and the money i have for a new amp. I thinking of selling the FM for $180 to this one guy who has been asking me for it since he does not have an amp.If i do sell it to him i will have roughly $310.

I want an all tube amp but i dont know which one to get. I might be able to spread my budget out by like 40-60 bucks. I play anything but i normally play blues,classic rock,and a few modern stuff.

i saw this amp but im not sure if its good or not
I have no idea about those pignose. However, at that price you are really close to a Fender Pro Junior. That is a really nice amp, all tube, and 15 watts. Or if you were willing to go used you could get a lot of nice 15 watt tube combos, like a blues junior or crate v16.
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i would look into that but i need enough power for band practice and for when i have to go play at church.But i also want an amp that quiet for bedroom practice too so yea.
I just bought a Champion 600 a couple of weeks ago. What a great little amp. If you mic it and run it through a PA, it might do the trick for you at church. It's not a good club amp though. It's too little.

I also own the little pignose. I've got a thing for quality "practice" amps. Pignose makes good stuff. If I were you, I'd go for the Pig. It will work better in a live setting, and still be small enough to play at home.
A good 15 watt tube combo is plenty loud enough for church without micing (unless you play in an auditorium sized building. Used tube amps are generally good values.