Well...another experimental song....
I've been into suspended chords for a while...well....so this is it.
They are 3 guitars at tempo of 40 BPM (yes...40 ). I didn't want a structure (aka Verse-Chorus stuff) cause I didn't want it to be repetitive (and at 40 it would be boring as hell).........
Its very slow so have some patience please...
Anyway...I just tried to make up some stuff....and threw some stuff in there....well, I hope it turned out well.
Well....I will finish it later......maybe I need suggestions on the backing guitar or harmony..


Btw, you may be wondering were Acoustic song 2 is......well, I'm still working on it.
Acoustic song 3.zip
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I really liked it =]

I liked the way you stuck to pretty much one chord with only slight variations, kind of reminded me of a 'drone' in indian music - dunno why.
The lead line was simple and effective. I think the piece would be used to its full effictiveness as a backing music to something. Overall 7/10, imo.
That was very nice, but could use some bigger varations :P But the slight variations were good... Like michal says, its kinda indian-sounding which is pretty cool lol... The lead was pretty simple but nice sounding, but yea, the rythm needs some more variations :P 8/10 good job

Cheers for the crit
uh...what's going on?

the song gives you a ****ed up feeling inside when you hear it which is good

variation in the chordal work would be something to add

also some more complicated solo/melodies would be welcome

other than that it makes a hell of a lot more sense musically than ur other stuff(uranium, rubidium, and zukimium[were you high when you came up with that name?])

and finally thank you for not ending the title with ium. this is not the periodic table of elements.

any way the song was pretty enjoyable 8/10

also you crited my version of paranoid(the solo) and i was wondering if you could maybe look up randy's version(it'll appear as ozzy osbourne for the artist) and tell me if mine even compares
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Thanks for the crits

^I'm not high when I think up those names...I just improvise at the moment

About your paranoid version...I have a tab here of randy rhodes (well, that is what it says) and I like your version better...although it is a tab and it may be wrong at times....well, but of what I have I like yours better , his version is too flashy with nonsensical shredding most of the time (well, at least yours makes more sense).....
this is the first song of yours where there were no off-key notes I could find haha. The intro chords are pretty good, but it got repetetive after listening to it for the entire song. In bar 3 with guitar 2, you should change that E to an F (1st note in the bar), it sounds better imo.

All the other acoustic leads were good up until bar 6, where you ended on the E5 chord Everything else is good until bar 12, because then it just feels like it drags on, because there's really no change woth the backing guitar. The rest of the song is good, but it just feels like it drags on after the one bar. Try to change tempo or key or use different chords. I'm glad to see that your songs are actually evolving into actual music instead of random notes. And hopefully you'll name your songs something ither than something-ium lol. Good job man.
Thanks for the crits
Well..I tried to use the ear-orgasmic pans as much as I can....but one of my speakers is broken so I can´t test it
Well....I tried throwing some stuff in the backing guitar at bar 12 (well....I needs lots of fixing and stuff, but it is temporarely...I think)....but I think the change is noticeable..
I changed the key too afterwards and made up some stuff in there which I think it is good...
Maybe I should tidy up the ending...

AND I took that E chord off and added a single B...so I guess that would make you happy
Acoustic song 3.zip