Ok guys im currently saving to buy an amp that I can gig with and im having some serious problems. Ok first off I play along the styles of megadeth,trivium,and shadows fall. But my problem is, while I want an amp I can gig with I dont want to not be able to practice at home since ill spend most of my time there and not in a gig.

So my first thought was to buy a really good combo and then buy a cab for when I need the extra loudness for gigs and I was looking at the old peavey 5150 combos and they run about 6 to 650. and then a good cab will run me about another 500 to 600 so I end up spending as much as I would if I would just go with a 5150 head and a cab. But even at home will I even be able to turn the combo up enough to make a diff. between it and the head or should I just go with the head+cab since im not sure how a combo standing beside a 4x12 cab on stage would look anyways.

Or does someone else have another idea that might help me, or maybe another amp suggestion? Ive looked into mesas as well but the single rectifier would be all i would want but that doest have the option of a combo as far as i know so itd have to be the head/cab option. Im trying to keep my budget as low as possible but still get a good thrash sound. The heads ive looked into are mode 4's(get one about 600 to 7),5150(600 to 7)mesa single rect.(7 to 9)randall all tube 50 watt head(6 to 7)
As cool as having a 5150 halfstack would be, there's really no need for that kind of power. A 50 watt combo is loud. Really loud. The 5150 combo will have enough power for any medium sized, unmic'd gig. Most venues should have mics and a decent PA system if you really need more volume. There's no real need for the extra cab. Besides, that would easily double your budget. Why pay twice as much for something you don't really need?
Stick with just the combo for now. It'll be a little loud for bedroom practice, but you won't have to worry about volume at a gig.
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Ok but is the 5150 my best way to go for a great thrash sound for a combo. If im going to just buy a combo then I want the best thrash sound money can buy in the 500 to 1k area.. And while I know the 5150 is great for metal is there anything out there that can compete with it in its price range