I'm looking to try out some new amps in the next few days. My budget is 500 - 700 $ and I want a tube combo, 30 - 60 watts for practicing and gigging. Basic feauters I'm looking for are 2 channels, reverb, 3 band EQ's for both channels, and effects loop.

Now as for want kind of tone I'm looking for, I want a good, fender like clean tone. I want more of a modern voiced clean tone, like the jazz tones of Pat Metheny and Mike Stern. Just a clear, lush tone with some reverb. Also I would like to be able to have the Fender sparkle cleans for post-rock like Explosions in the Sky.

Mid gain is not that important for me, so it won't be a big factor in my purchase.

Now for high gain, I will be using an EQ pedal to push the distortion channel into metal and hardcore terrirtory. I will be playing with a high gain, modern tone with lots of bass and mids, not a scooped tone. I want tight, powerful bass for palm muting that's not muddy. I also want the gain to be warm, and saturated rather than cold and to be on the brighter side, but not harsh.

I would like as many of these features in an amp in my price range. I'll try out any amps you suggest and make my desicion based on what I like the most. I am also willing to look used, but only if it is the same amp model I've tried in the store.

Thanks in advance.
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Thanks for the link, blue_strat, I'll try out the Traynor.
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The Traynor YVC50BLUE would be good, but you'd have to go used.
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Peavey Delta Blues.

though make sure you try it out, i havent had the chance to play one, but i've heard some great things about it and all of those pretty much fit your criteria.
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