Everyone tells me this is my best work. I think i could do a whole lot better, I find this a little to simplistic. I'm pretty sure the rhythm and structure is a bit off. I havn't written music for it yet. But tell me what you think.

Shades of Gray

Everything is light and dark
Black and White
Right and Wrong
True and False

But sometimes
It’s not so clear to me
Sometimes it’s a little gray

It’s wrong but it feel so right
Its right but it seems wrong
Sometimes we really don’t know

All the rules are so harsh sometimes
Some make no sense
Is it for the best of us
We need to feel it in our hearts

But sometimes we must understand
It’s not about right and wrong
Winning or losing
Sometimes the bigger picture
Is not so clear
It’s in shades of gray
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Its alright. I agree with you, a little simple, but it flows.
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