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i just saw his performance at the crossroads festival and thought he was good...can anyone recommend me any of his cds...any that has kind of a bluesy feel...thanks
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room for squares & heavier things. i don't like his newest one too much
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^Not to sound mean but he wanted mayers more bluesy CDs, those being Try! and Continuum. Also there is a John Mayer only thread but it dosn't really matter I guess.

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Room for Squares isn't that bluesy. Heavier Things was...somewhat bluesy (Come Back to Bed), but is still a very great album. Try! (the 2nd live album, I think) is about as bluesy as it gets! Continuum is very bluesy, too.
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BLues album would be John Mayer Live 2nd Blues Day show, I found it on a torrent it has a bunch of great songs, even voodoo child.
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