I am in a band with two guitars, bass and drums and need more songs to play.
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You Really Got Me (Van Halen cover)
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I have to ask this question. Is it a requirement that every starter high school band cover some Metallica songs? I'm not being smart, I was actually in the same situation years ago.

In reality, not many cover songs (that people actually want to hear) are hard. I would recommend looking at the set lists of some cover bands in your area for an idea of what's popular in that area. For instance, considering my band is based in a beach town, a lot of people request Sublime often...that may not be the case in Mid-Western states. Keep your cover songs upbeat if you want to keep gigs. Try:

My Sharona
Blister in the Sun
Jessie's Girl
Summer of 69
Basket Case
What's my Age Again

Those are really popular covers I hear a lot of bands do. Keep in mind I work at a nightclub that hosts the best cover bands on the East Coast. That means top dollar and playing in front of 1,500 people. Of course you may not hit that level with this starter band, but it's more important that you get into good practice on how to select good covers and know how to read an audience. Plus, if you learn some popular covers now (rock standards), you can take them anywhere with you and sit in with other bands.
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My band covered Rose of Sharyn by Killswitch when we started out. That went down well