So I just discovered a funny site, probably old to most of you....(yes there's a link


but it's a site full of daily comics, dating back to 2005.

theres over 900 of them.

I'm sure to be entertained for a while.

Feel free to post your favorites!
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Thin necks make you play faster because guitars with thin necks sound thin and bad, and you play fast to distract people from the bad tone.
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welcome to the internet, enjoy ure stay
<Raven> I got so baked last night
<Raven> that I WOKE UP high o_o
<Raven> Do you have any idea how euphoric that is?
<Raven> I felt like I was being born.
welcome to the internet, enjoy ure stay
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Don't worry guys, he's just bitter because he has a small dick.

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You know that good feeling when you take a crap, gay sex is like that

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welcome to the internet, enjoy ure stay

what are we all copying CC here?

ANYWAYS, C&H owns your soul, noob.

Are you giving drugs to these kids?
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