whats up everybody,
im actually a guitar player but i think matt freeman of rancid is an awesome bass player and im suprised i dont really hear people talk about his work..
i love his earlier rancid work especially and i was wondering what u guys think
People talk about Matt Freeman constantly. He is one of the biggest names in punk.
sorry,i dont really know many bass players so i wouldnt know if he's underrated.therefore it wouldnt go there.
even in punk music i actually dont hear many people talk about him wich is suprising..
maybe cuz most punks dont think rancid is punk
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Pointless much? There is a thread DEDICATED to underrated bassists I would go there.

Honestly...I can understand your frustration, but this kind of thing is not worth flipping out over.

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I ain't flippin' out. I'm a cool cat *ripples his arm*. I just don't like completely pointless threads that are already covered in an active thread. If a thread was dead and someone made a new one ok, but in a thread from the first page it angers me a little yes.
He may not be talked about in here a lot, but I hear him being talked about all over the place in the bass community. For pick/punk bass players, he's typically a hero. I do love that Maxwell Murders solo, but not being a punk fan myself, I dont listen to him a whole lot.
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I ain't flippin' out. I'm a cool cat *ripples his arm*.

Haha, oh my God. The visualisations.

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