i dont know if anyone knows how to fix my problem but my guitar goes way out of tune when i use the whammy bar, and i found that the screws holding the brigde down pull out of the holes, the problem is that the nut they thread into slides out of the wood, i dont want to do anything that would ruin my guitar but is there anyway to like glue the nut in there or make it fit better? if anyone knows a way to fix this i would greatly appreciate it
There should be no problem gluing that back in. Just don't get sloppy with the glue.
Make sure to let the glue set according to instructions.
I would consult a tech (music store.) Since you are gluing wood to metal you may want a different kind of glue.
I'm not completely sure what to tell you, but is it a fender style bridge, or a floyd rose style bridge?
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Sounds like the ferrules that the screws screw into have loosened the wood surrounding the ferrule.

Or the thread has been stripped.

Either super glue the ferrules in, or if the thread is stripped, get new ferrules.
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