I was just wondering if anyone could recommend me an RHCP song with a guitar solo of similar style and speed to the one in Californication. I really liked that one and it's pretty much my skill level at the moment, so I was hoping for more stuff like that to try out.

Sorry in advance if this is in the wrong section
can't stop, its not that long but its pretty good. plus make it your own, make it a bit longer if you like.
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soul to squeeze
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Thanks for the tips guys, I really loved all these songs and they have good solos to practice.
Dosed, Soul to Squeeze, Universally Speaking, Easily, Don't Forget Me.

All album version...he improvises live and makes them alot 'harder' so yeah they are all I can think of from the top of my head
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the live intros to californication on slane castle and hyde park are pretty good.

the hardest thing is learning what they sound like, or you just get lost in the tab

it took me bit but persevere!!!

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