What brands are for what types of songs? i heard ibanez is for metal-ish?
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Well most brands make a decent guitar for every thing, several guitars can play various genres, and yes, ibanez makes good metal guitar. Look at the RG series.
yes and no

Eg fender not good for metal but good for clean stuff
but if your looking for a metal gutiar make sure they have humbuckers at least (they look like 2 single coil pickups put together)
there is no such thing as brands for specific genres

take...well ibanez. they make their solid-body guitars which are actually more suited toward heavier kinds of music (metal if you want) but also make decent semi-hollowbodies which are great for cleans and more suited for jazz, blues, rock stuff

then again, it depends a lot on the pickups too - humbuckers will sound better with distortion to the most ears while single coils give you a better clean sound

all in all your amp is the most important thing in your tone though. play an ibanez through a fender twin reverb (one of the cleanest amps around) - you won't get a metal sound out of that. then play a fender strat (with a 'bucker if you want) through a peavey 5150 (THE metal amp if you will) - immediately more metal-sounding than the fender amp


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Ibanez are generally geared to a heavier tone, solid bodies at least
they sound good if your playing metal or rock, and i like the sound you get if your playing blues, theyre a really quality guitar
your only issue for ibanez is that the picks ups are a bit lacking for high gain metal.
so it might be a good idea to change the pickups if you don't like them.

You should also check out jacksons and maybe esp/ltd.

best thing to do is go to shops and try them all really, you might be surprised by what you find
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I prefer Jackson guitars to play metal with, they are so much more aggressive, although Ibanez have a nicer action. Plus, Jackson guitars have looks to die for.
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thanks =] what guitar can play many genres?

ibanez are actually very good for playing a variety of styles
many of them come with an HSH or HSS pickup configuration, which is NEAT for playing lots of different stuff.
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thanks =] what guitar can play many genres?

Any guitar can play any genre, the amp is what makes 99% of the tone, you can play blues on anything but I'll bet a Peavey 6505 doesn't do blues at all, the same applie to all genres and their respective amp types.
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thanks =] what guitar can play many genres?

any guitar can play mostly anything.but i would say ibanez,and gibsons just my opinion
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And yes, most of your tone will be from your amp
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