Ok, I have no clue if I'm practicing songs the right way but it seems to work pretty well for me...anyway.

What I usually do when I'm practicing a song is that I rarely spend more then 2-3 days trying to play the same song over and over again. I get pissed off and it's bored me, so, even if I did not learned it perfectly yet, I put that song aside with others I tried before, and comeback later when I feel cool to try it again. I can also practice 2-3 songs at the same time, just so that it doesn't become too boring. One friend of mine told me to chance once I know the whole song perfectly and I'm not too sure about it.

What about you guys?

For my part, I just went back on the Smoke on the water solo and nailed it in 1-2 hours of practice only, and last time I played that song, it seems impossible to me.
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I do the same sometimes. Just keep your morale up.. songs will progresivley get easier and easier.
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Like when I practice/play I get warmed up usually by running some scales faster and progressively faster... then I work on what ever song I want to learn... when I get tiered/frustrated with it I take a break and work on something else, or play something I know thats fun, or work on some of my own stuff... then I go back to it...
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way back when i wanted to learn the intro to march of the mutes by unearth(novice i know)
it seemed very hard so i played other stuff that was just right difficulty wise and just recently had the urge to play it again, and got it in like 10-15 minutes. its really cool to see how much you've improved when you get something you though was hard, easily
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