Id like to buy some straplocks. anybody know the best ones to get? i have a job so im not too worried about money. just a link or a name please. Thanks.
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like the dunlop ones for sure
i used the schaller and they are a pain in the ass
just go to goooooooogle and goooooooogle dunlop straplocks
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I've got Dunlop straplocks and they're pretty good. I'm too lazy to look for the model or get you a link but I got mine at Sam Ash for around $30, maybe 35. Guitar Center probably has them too or something similar.
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30 BUCKS!? I think I got my schallers for 15.
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ive got dunlops and my brother just got some schallers for his bass. there are things i like about both, so its kinda just whichever you find first. the schallers have a smaller pin so they fit in cases better, but i find the dunlops are easier to take off and work with. both brands have held up well with no problems, so just go with whichever.
There is a great product called "Sure Lock Strap Lock" which goes for around $25 - $35 AUD. Depending one where you buy them from.
Dimarzio also makes an interesting strap lock that is just like a padlock and key. Havn't tried it yet but I should be sometime in the near future.
Good Luck dude.
I'd recommend Dunlops, I've got them on all my guitars except my Fender, which has the Schallers, I prefer the dunlops really - and they have the advantage that you can use a plain strap too if you want, whereas I wouldn't trust my Schallers with an plain strap
i got schallers for free and they've never yet failed me. though my strap button entirely popped out a while ago. but it was like that before i installed the schallers. matchstick time..
Schallers are very sturdy and they snap on and off with ease. I install them in all my guitars, I just don't feel secure onstage without them.
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