I actually finished this song a while back, but I never really got around to finishing the drums until not too long ago. The bridge also might start to sound a little long, but just imagine some screaming in there, or singing if you think it would sound better, and it shouldn't be too bad. Enjoy!
Very Heavy Song mate. What I lliked most was the pre-verse parts. I recommend you to put some leads in your bridges, so it would not be repetitive. Another thing I should tell you, is that maybe if you use a doble bass with your drums, this song will be quite more heavy. Overall 7.5/10
pretty heavy, for the chorus the bar with only 0s, i think it would be cool if u added triplets instead of just 8ths notes the whole time. i like it, but some more lead would make it better i think. c4c? top one plz
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killswitch engage has some dissonant riffs, they're kind grindcore tho

This reminded me so much of SevenDust. All their songs are like this. I'd like to hear a recording or watch a video of you playing since this style of music is mostly about the feeling behind the playing (that's what makes it effective/unique).

Your GP however is in desperate need of some variations, in all instruments, but most obviously the drums. This genre is dominated by drum rhythms, syncopations, fills, turn-around and the such... go back and cram it full of interesting ear-candies and it should be commercial enough to record and sell... so far all the others who have posted are right though, a simple lead would do so much to take away from the tedium of the song.

Best of luck.

P.S. If you don't already, you should get your hands on some SevenDust and start figuring their songs out (a buddy game me their new album "Alpha" for my birthday (July 6th) and I've figured them all out by the third night by simply listening before going to bed). It'll be great for you (I think).