Do you guys do these on UG, or are they considered spam? Their use was once extremely widespread on Guitar.com, which is where I learned them.

I, for one, am dying to make "MY FRIEND IS A MORMON!!!" and "How Massive & Disgusting Are Your Phalluses?".
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Yeah, they've happened before on here..... I guess it depends on the effect it has... I suppose I'd do one if it was really funny, and I wasn't under any warnings.
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I've seen a few on here. I'm pretty sure you're allowed to do it. PM a mod if you're worried.
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i was on IMDb long before i was on UG and parody threads are expected there. it's a totally different forum altogether, but sometimes a whole page of threads will be parodies. i know that i've made at least one and so has ant.

if it's thought-provoking, i'll allow it. i don't want something like a waste of space "my friend is a mormon" stuff (even though i thought of it too)

and rofl at the phalluses idea.
As much as 4chan is hated here (even though I'm not a contributer or a regular visiter, you've got to admit that place can be funny as SHIT!! ), there's a Wikichan, and they have these things called "Copy Pasta".

And they're just the most absurd, mind blowing little stories taken from 4chan, and some of the responses and all.

Now, there IS some nudity and such, and I think some porn (I've only skimmed the site), so I won't link it, but just look up Wikichan, and go to Copy Pasta. Great stuff.
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