I don't know much about marshalls so are any of these two good for metal?
Edit: Sorry bout the lack of detail in my question. I'm looking for a modern metal tone not a heap of crunch just a nice high gain amp.
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depends on what kind of metal, dsl401 is not exactly good.

If you're looking for more modern metal tones then you might like the tsl but theres better and cheaper amps for metal than that one.

The DSL has more gain and is less muddy- depends what types of metal you want. With a speaker change, the DSL vastly improves
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I am honour bound to say TSL>DSL, yes ive tried both, no i would never get the DSL if given a choice, I much prefer it for metal, on the rare occasions I play metal
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yeah i am sorta undecided on the whole dsl> tsl thing.
but yeah as yngwi3 said change the speaker if the stock speaker aint to schmick.
you will notice the difference between crap speakers and good speakers.
example my tsl sounds WAY WAY better with a 1960a cab than with my ashton cab.
man i need a new cab.

but try them both then decide?
but it seems to me the dsl has as many channels if you like include the modes and such only downside is their are not idividually eq'able.