I am writing a dark lyric'd song.
I need a chord progression that is 'dark.'
Maybe three / four chord progs.


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E5 Bb5 F5 C5
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Just write something maybe in a dropped tuning and use Minor and b5 chords. Diminished and minor notes = dark/sad
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I find that whenever I go to try and come up with something that sounds "dark", I tend to build power chords off the diminished scale....
Diminished scales either alternate whole steps and half steps or half steps and whole steps, for the sake of it I'll use the half/whole for my example.

Half/whole Diminished scale, three notes per string.

   H W H W H W H etc

Anway, Lets take the first 4 notes A Bb C Db and build power chords off of them


Get some distortion and you've got a dark sounding chord progression. Obviously this isn't the only way to get a dark sound, incorporating tritones and various other things will help get the effect.

Through probably the best way to do this is ignore what i've said and figure out what sounds dark for yourself, learn the progressions you're favorite band playes and figure out what part of it sounds dark and why