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I recently downloaded Come to the Sunset Tree and it sounds so much better than the finished product it's not even funny. The final arrangements take all the power away from the lyrics.

this is completely accurate. like, the string arrangement for Dilaudid. ugh. I can't stand it, man. the Come to the Sunset Tree version is the best though.
I still love The Sunset Tree, in my top 5 favorite albums

Saw them live on Friday and it was spectacular. Got a hug/pic from JD, which will be my profile picture on facebook until the end of time
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My prayers are with you and your balls TS

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I ran out of chicken nuggets.

When will this misery end.

"It was recorded in the final frenzy of the boombox-era writing style (hit a stride, work absolutely every night until you write a song you don't like, sulk for a couple of days, start up again), though I'm hesitant to say final, because who knows, I still track demos on a couple of the working decks I still have and I have ~~~ideas~~~about restricting myself to demo'ing on tape for a season at some point"

All Hail West Texas reissue yeeeeeee
“Just to sum up: I would do various things very quickly.” - Donald Trump
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I've never listened to a Mountain Goats album in my life


but yeah that article is hilarious. danzig
I've been a casual fan of Tallahassee for years now, but I just listened to All Hail West Texas and oh my god why did it take me so long.
All WT
“Just to sum up: I would do various things very quickly.” - Donald Trump
I just had a holy **** John is so great moment. I want a new acoustic album more than a new album from any other band, even more than Neutral Milk Hotel.

okay maybe not, but I want it a lot.