Who loves 'em?

I'm having a KING Chicken and Mushroom one right now. It's f-ing gorgeous. Sure it has like half my daily allowance of sodium but I don't care. What's youz guy's favorite Pot Noodles?

Chicken and Mushroom are the gods of pot noodle. I cannot go 2 days without having one.
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Super Noodles > Pot noodles, but theyr still good. Bacon and Chicken and mushroom win for me.
Super noodles > Pot noodles Only pot noodle i like is chicken and mushroom, and even then i have to add a lot more soy myself!
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It seems UG is divided by two sides.

Super Noodles VS Pot Noodles.

It's on gentlemen.
Pot Noodles pwn Super Noodles hands down. They take less effort to make and taste better. I used to like Chow Mein until they altered the flavour, they now taste wank. Chicken & Mushroom or Beef & Tomato are the best now.

You can find Pot noodles in most supermarkets if you live in Britain. Also BP Garages tend to stock 'em.
I like nondescript asian instant noodles that you have to guess the flavour of because it's all in chinese.
Ramen noodles is all my scout troop eats for dinner on campouts.
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Back in the old school days (ie, a few years ago...) I used to just piss about on t'internet at God knows what hours, eating either super noodles or pot noodles. Haven't eaten either in years, for a whole host of reasons... Both are a guilty pleasure and I doubt I'd get back on either.. but Pot Noodles are the winner. King Size Beef and Tomato, or Chicken and Mushroom.. those are the two best. Bombay Badboys, I remember, were barely edible they were so hot.