Firstly, im almost scared to post this in fear of the mods (or non official 'freedom fighters') coming around my house and injuring me.

there are lots of posts about modes, mostly from people who genuinely want to learn theory... after all this is what this forum is for (right?)

not, i am all theoried up, to the point of explosion.... but i think the singlemost important part of learning modes, or theory, is to learn the sounds.

So, surely the best way to do this would be to write out a few bars of tab, representing each mode, so we can all play them ourselves and learn the different sounds.
Now, i would love to start this thread off with one, but i dont know enough, so can people (who really do know what they're talking about) tab out some typical chord progs with the representive lead over.

Oh, go on then, i will ATTEMPT Ionian.


this forum is ridiculous.

anybody would have thought forums were made for posting in!!!!!!
Is your perfect world a forum with no posts?

You know, its proven that the most inefficient learning method is reading, like in school, where the teacher says 'read chapter 5'. learning needs to have communication, questions etc...

mods, please remove this thread, i'll go to the sticky in future.

think i'll stick to the quizzes from now on.

Huh? What was that rant about? I didn't even report you. I was just trying to be witty. Is my sense of humour really that bad?
You know the point of the MT FAQ Sticky is to be read, then if you don't understand something you make a thread about it stating that you didn't understand it in the FAQ sticky. At this point people will be willing to help out. *Warned*

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