Ok, I've just spent the last four hours recording a song I've written in Audacity. I'd had the rhythm tracks down, I'd done all the leads and I was happy with them, and I was trying to do a little Opethy acoustic bit at the end when Audacity crashed. I opened it up again and loaded my last save, and it was after I'd completed the rhythm tracks. So, my lead tracks were gone.

Now, people who use Audacity would know when you save a song in Audacity, not only does it create an Audacity .aup file, but also a folder called '*song name*_data'. This contains a big pile of .au audio files all chopped up into bits. I loaded the last one that was there, and it was the last minute or so of one of the acoustic tracks that I didn't use - it obviously saved all the tracks I had done, even if I'd deleted them. So, the tracks I thought I'd lost were still there.

But, the tracks were all chopped up, and some of them are meant to start in the middle of the song - when I load them into Audacity, they start at the beginning like anything else you load into it.

Does anyone know if there is any way that I can load those tracks back into Audacity as they were before it crashed - as in, not chopped up, and starting where they originally were? If anyone can tell me that they will get a big hug and this cake hat:

I've had this problem before and I never got it back. Looks like you're going to have to start the leads again.

Try a program called Kristal instead. It's like audacity but simpler and doesn't have a tendency to crash at silly moments.
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tread title made this sound hilarious..

I want my 1.5 min back !!


Go to the riffs and recordings forum fool!
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Go to the riffs and recordings forum fool!

I thought that forum was for posting MP3s and things of our riffs and recordings, which I don't have because Audacity is a big steaming pile of program that crashes too easily. Oh well, I'll look at the rules for it then.

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tread title made this sound hilarious..

I want my 1.5 min back !!

lol, you know whats funny?

your sig actually made me remember you. i think i saw you in the pit a few days ago.
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try the recording form next time........

theres a huge thread just for Audacity:

anyways just rerecord your lost parts...
its easy enough...

Ive been using Audacity for about a year now with no problems of crashing or anything so far.
I blame it on slow computers if something does go wrong though...
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cause the title:

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I dunno happened to me once too, but my parts were sped up too, pretty funny
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Some of my recordings in Audacity tend to do what Kroach said: just speed up for a second at a random moment ... or sound like it was ripped from a badly scratched CD.
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